Area F: User Support, Training, and Outreach
Martin Aeschlimann
Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann
Area Leader
Deputy Area Leader
Ahmed Mansour
Dr. Ahmed Mansour
Area Coordinator

Goals of Area F

The tools and infrastructure developed by FAIRmat need to meet the needs of the scientific community and be easy to adopt. 

FAIRmat Area F provides information and training and reaches out to the community for ideas and feedback, which it then returns to Areas A-E. Our main goals are:

  • Inform, involve, and embrace the community by providing FAIRmat training materials and tutorials as well as contributing at wider workshops and conferences.
  • Foster understanding among researchers at all levels how and why a FAIR data infrastructure opens new horizons for their research and for science in general.
  • Collaborate with the DPG and other NFDI consortia.

Diagram showing FAIRmat Areas, Area F highlighted.


News from Area F

Tasks in Area F

F1: Community Building and Support
R. Pentcheva, M. Dreyer, K. Helbig

F2: Training, Schools, and Workshops
C. Baldauf, M. Aeschlimann

F3: Outreach Activities and Cross-cutting Topics
E. Runge, V. Coors, S. Auer